Student Technology Use and Expectations

The HDSB Code of Conduct can be found on of conduct.

Orchard Park's rules around personal cell phones/devices to keep in mind:

  • Cell phones should ALWAYS be kept in student's desk or backpack and turned off during instructional time and nutrition breaks unless instructed by a teacher

  • With teacher permission, device may be used to support student's learning

    • Screen must be readily visible to the teacher

    • Notifications must be turned off

  • If a student wishes/needs to listen to music while working they must have permission from teacher

  • In math, students are to use a calculator - a real calculator, not the one on their device

  • No photos/videos should be taken at school unless it is assignment/project related and teacher permission is given

    • use to be supervised by a teacher

If a student needs to call home they must ask teacher permission first. Calls home will be done by the office staff this year.

Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc….. happens ONLY OFF school property.

If a student does not follow the above expectations, the following consequences will occur:

  • First offense - device taken away, returned at end of the day

  • Second offense - device is taken away and handed into the office until the end of the day. A phone call home by teacher

  • Third offense - device is taken away and handed to the office until the end of the day. A phone call home by office and device to stay home for 2 weeks. If device cannot be left at home, student can drop it off with their teacher and pick it up at the office at the end of each day

  • Fourth offense and beyond - device to stay at home