Thursday, February 15, 2018

posted 15 Feb 2018, 06:39 by Sherri Livingstone

Hey OP!! We are happy to announce that already some of YOU have registered online for Jump Rope for Heart and have already made generous donations towards research and programs for heart and brain health. Together we have already donated $300!! Amazing!! Remember when you register online, you are automatically entered into a draw for instant prizes!! We have 6 prizes to give away and we will give away our first one today. Are you ready to find out which registrant has won a prize?? Listen up! Drum roll please!! (drum roll) And the winner is……..(announce the winner and which class they are from). Please come down to the office to collect your prize! Don’t forget to register online at if you haven’t already!

Read & Relax will take place at first break for  grades 1-5 and second break for grades 6-8.

Senior Battle of the Books will meet at second break today.

**A reminder for the yearbook committee to meet second break today in the SERT room. **  

A Black History Announcement

Harriet Tubman, a runaway slave from Maryland, became known as the “Moses” of her

people and the “conductor” who led hundreds of slaves to freedom along the

Underground Railroad. In 1850, when the far-reaching United States Fugitive Law was

passed, she guided fugitive slaves further north into Canada. When angry slave owners

posted rewards for her capture, she continued her work despite great personal risk.

St. Catharines, Ontario (a town close to the border with the United States) was on the

route and offered employment opportunities, making it a common destination for the

former fugitives, including Harriet Tubman, who lived there from 1851 to 1857. Many of

the people she rescued were relatives of those already in St. Catharines including her

own parents, brothers and sisters and their families.

Later, Harriet Tubman became a leader in the Abolitionist movement

Mme Bourgeois is still looking for Scorekeepers for the upcoming basketball season. If you are in Gr, 6, 7 or 8  and interested in helping  please come by Rm 219.

Orchard Park remember to include others in your activities!


Have a Thoughtful Thursday.