ORCHARD PARK - Wednesday September 26, 2018

posted 26 Sep 2018, 06:35 by Sherri Livingstone

Glee Club will meet on Monday, first break in the music room.


IF it is a field recess today there will be intramural capture the flag on the middle field for grades 5 & 6s. Look for Koen, Tyson, Ethan and Stefan!


The senior boys’ volleyball team has been posted outside the changeroom doors. Congratulations to the players selected to represent Orchard Park this year. It was a difficult decision. We will practise tomorrow morning at 8am.


Mlle Conway is looking to take 5 athletic council members to a fun conference in late October. If you are interested in developing your athletic leadership skills, please meet her on Tuesday at 2nd half of 2nd break for more information.


Any wellness champions would who like to help out with the Wellness Inspiration Quote wall is asked to go by Mme.Hunt’s office after first half of first break today. If any students missed the information meeting yesterday and are still interested in signing up, please do so with Mme. Hunt today during the break.


Birthday Book club greetings go out to Kabir in Mrs Taylor’s class, who is celebrating his birthday today by donating a book to our library.  Thank you from your friends at Orchard Park for your generous donation!


Cross country practice today at first break. Remember to sign and begin running our meet is coming up soon.