ORCHARD PARK - Wednesday October 24, 2018

posted 24 Oct 2018, 06:29 by Sherri Livingstone

Attention wellness committee students in grades 6 - 8! We need your help! Please meet Mrs. Markham in the conference room at first break TODAY to help get ready for the BIG CRUNCH event.


Tomorrow is the BIG CRUNCH event at 10:45am! Did you know that the McIntosh apple is the national apple of Canada? AND that apples, are part of the Rose Family. Eating apples can improve memory, mental alertness and electrical activity of the brain. Apple joke of the day: When is an apple a grouch? When it’s a crab apple!


Read and Relax for grade 1-5 students will be held in the library at 2nd break today.


The writing club will meet at second nutrition break (1:35) in room 214. Bring your writing materials.


Mr. Vize would like to meet all Arts Council members who are responsible for making wreath templates in the music room at 1st break today. You will be taking the cardboard up to Mrs. Hayes’ room during first break in room 206.


Congratulations to the senior boys’ volleyball team who won 3 straight games last night to power through their first official match of the season against Alexanders. All players are asked to meet with Mlle Conway by her office briefly at 11:15 today to discuss tomorrow’s game.


Upper field continues to be closed until further notice.


Congratulations to the girls volleyball team on their win against Alexander’s last night. The girls showed that they are a team to contend with. The players of the game were: Sophia V, and Jordyn B


There will  be a primary choir practice 2nd break in the music room.


WOW! We are already off to a great start for We Scare Hunger. Some students have already received a pin for donating more than 5 food items! Way to go!

Birthday Book Club Greetings go out to Solai S in Ms Lewis’ class, who is celebrating her birthday today by donating a book to our library.  Thank you from your friends at Orchard Park for your generous donation!