ORCHARD PARK - Wednesday November 21, 2018

posted 21 Nov 2018, 06:48 by Sherri Livingstone

Bully Prevention quote of the day: “Show respect to people who may not even deserve it; not as a reflection of their character, but as a reflection of your own.”


Mr. Vize would like to meet all Scene 1-3 Actors at 1st break today. Bring your scripts with you. We are rehearsing all the music in these three scenes.


Intramurals today - grade ⅚ dodgeball at first break- teams are Vipers vs Dragons - supervisor is Mr Hummel and student leaders are Tig, Koen, Stefan and Ethan

Mr. Simmons has asked that NO recycling be brought to his office today - this includes garbage and cardboard. Please leave all items in your classroom for today. Thank you!

Scene 1 - 4 actors are to meet with Ms. Hunt and Ms. Lestition in the music room tomorrow at 2nd break for blocking.


Friday, November 23rd, is Buy Nothing Day. Our school is participating in a textile waste reduction challenge this year called Fashion Impacts Challenge. We have chosen this day to ‘kick start’ our campaign. In this challenge we will learn the 7R's of Fashion. (Fashion Takes Action's guide to making better consumer choices.) November's 'R' is REDUCE: buy less and buy only what we need.


Writing club will meet today at second nutrition break in room 214. Bring your writing materials and a computer.


Bloopers Reels meet today at 2nd Break in Mr. Dinner’s room. Bring your lunch.