ORCHARD PARK - Wednesday May 2

posted 2 May 2018, 06:40 by Sherri Livingstone

There will be a primary choir practise today at first break in Mr. Vize’s music room. See you there.  


Attention Concert Band! There is an important rehearsal today at 2nd break. T-shirts will be handed out and more information about our upcoming trip will be provided.


Have you noticed the new mural on the lower level near the bathrooms? It’s awesome! It’s a mural to share all the different reasons you love yourself! What makes you happy? What makes you special? Everyone is invited to write or draw on it so that we may celebrate each other’s differences and special qualities. Join in!


A big thank you to those students who have submitted any work for the wellness board. Remember that Mme.Hunt is always looking for new work to post on the board - feel inspired to inspire others! Think about what mental health means to you...Children’s Mental Health Awareness week is happening next week from May 7 - 11, and we’ve got some special activities planned! Stay tuned.


Jr Battle of the Books will meet at second break today.

Birthday Book Club Greetings go to Avery  in Mrs Lewis’ class, who is celebrating a birthday today by donating a book to our library.  Thank you from your friends at Orchard Park for your generous donation!


Orchard Park remember to fill buckets today!


Have a Wonderful Wednesday.