ORCHARD PARK - Wednesday March 21, 2018

posted 21 Mar 2018, 06:47 by Sherri Livingstone

Junior and senior battle of the books will meet together today at second break in the library. Senior battle will be cancelled tomorrow.


Tomorrow is World Water Day - a day to honour our most precious resource! To celebrate we are encouraging everyone to wear blue and bring in their reusable water bottle. Orchard Park already does a tremendous job in using those water bottles, so we’d love to see every single student in the school wearing blue and drinking that wonderful life giving, thirst quenching water out of those reusable bottles tomorrow. Students from the eco club will be coming around to photograph all our water warriors.


There will be a primary choir sign up and practice this morning in Mrs. Hayes' classroom first break today. Please wear your coat because you will go outside after.

Orchard Park remember to fill buckets today!


Have a Wonderful Wednesday.