ORCHARD PARK - Wednesday June 6, 2018

posted 6 Jun 2018, 06:33 by Sherri Livingstone

There is a junior girls soccer practice today at 1st break on the soccer field.

Any girls from the senior soccer team are encouraged to join this practice as there will not be a practice second break today.


There will be a meeting for all junior students going to track & Field today at 1st half of second break in the gym.


There will be a primary choir practise today at first break in Mr. Vize’s music room. See you there.  


Walk across Canada will be at first break today. Would the following student helpers please remember to pick up the popsicle sticks from Ms Kennedy’s room to take out to the track. Please remember to return them after break. You are to give each student a popsicle stick as they do a lap. At the end of the break you collect the popsicle sticks and write the number of laps they have completed on their hands. Students are then asked to give their number of laps to their teachers to record on their class list. Remember the number on your hand is the number of laps not kilometers. Every 2 laps is 1 km. The teacher supervisors are: Mrs Smith and Mrs Arnold. The student helpers are:






Orchard Park remember to fill buckets today!


Have a Wonderful Wednesday.