ORCHARD PARK - Wednesday June 13, 2018

posted 13 Jun 2018, 06:39 by Sherri Livingstone

There will be a primary choir practise today at first break in Mr. Vize’s music room. See you there.  


Congratulations again to all students and staff who entered creations in the Eco team’s Upcycle Contest!  It is now time to take your work home from our display cases. Please come and pick up your objects today at the beginning of second break from Mrs. Warford’s ESL room.  The room is beside the lost and found. See you later today!

Birthday Book Club Greetings go to Sarah A  in Mrs McKechnie’s class, who is celebrating her birthday today.  Summer Birthday Book Club Greetings go to the following grade one students, who will be turning a year older this summer: Samuel C, Ayden M & Tyler A  in Mrs Nicholson’s class. These students will all be donating a book for our library to celebrate their birthdays Thank you from your friends at Orchard Park for your generous donation!


Orchard Park remember to fill buckets today!


Have a Wonderful Wednesday.