ORCHARD PARK - Tuesday November 27, 2018

posted 27 Nov 2018, 06:33 by Sherri Livingstone

Today is Pizza Day -- could we please ask homerooms to have only the Pizza Monitor come to the foyer to collect the pizza for their class and then distribute according to the class list. Thank you.


Today’s intramurals is skittles for grades 3 & 4. The teams playing are Whales and Sharks. Teacher supervisor is Mrs Hayes and student leaders are Sarah, Ashley and Emma M. Please come down at 1st break to play.


Mr. Vize would like to rehearse “Jolly Holiday” in scene 3 at 1st break today.. This will include park stroller actors.


Gr 7 and 8 students interested in playing badminton please meet Mme Bourgeois Wednesday at 1:15 (beginning of second Break) in the gym.


Wellness committee will meet in the library today at first break. All members (including intermediates!) are asked to attend. Any unavailable students are asked to speak with Mme. Hunt. Grade 3/4 students in intramurals can come to library with their lunches at the 2nd half.


Any grade 5-8 students interested in joining Dance Club please meet Mrs. Taylor in the gym second break on Thursdays. (first half) No experience needed, all levels.  See you then!


Read and relax will be cancelled today because Mrs Youngblut is away.  All grades will be welcome tomorrow afternoon for read and relax.


Congratulations to the Sr Girls Volleyball team on their fantastic Division Final Victory against CRW last night!! The girls played absolutely amazing and are now heading to Halton Finals at Iroquois Ridge tomorrow night. We would like to thank Madame Bourgeois for organizing all the scorekeepers and linespeople all season, Mr Dinner for reffing many of our games, Madame Lee, Ms Conway, and Mrs Wigle for attending our games and their support throughout the season!! Players of the game were Jada L, and Jordyn B!! Practice tomorrow morning. Please get schedule from Ms Kennedy at first break today.


SOCIAL CHANGEMAKERS - meeting 1st break Portable 1