ORCHARD PARK - Tuesday November 13, 2018

posted 13 Nov 2018, 06:26 by Sherri Livingstone

 Today is Pizza Day -- could we please ask homerooms to have only the Pizza Monitor come to the foyer to collect the pizza for their class and then distribute according to the class list. Thank you.


There will be a wellness meeting in the upstairs hallway outside the library during first break on Wednesday.


Read and relax will take place at second break today for grade 6-8 students.


Birthday book club greetings go out to Jake M in 5-1FI and Selim E in 45-1 FI. They will be celebrating their birthdays at school today by donating a book to our library.  Thank you from your friends at Orchard Park for your generous donations!


Sr Girls Volleyball practice has been switched from Wednesday morning to Thursday morning this week.


Athletic council meets today at first break in the gym. Intramural leaders need to come for first half and DPA crew will meet 2nd half.