ORCHARD PARK - Tuesday May 29, 2018

posted 29 May 2018, 06:41 by Sherri Livingstone

We are now two days into our walk, roll or bike to school week. A big shout out to everyone who is choosing active transportation! You are not only doing something great for your own body, but you’re also helping the environment! When we choose a physical activity we decrease the time spent on our screen or on technology. Getting outside has many benefits including better physical health and improved mood. Power off and get outside and have some fun! Teachers, PLEASE do not forget to take a daily tally of participants in our active transportation week. Go OP!!

Have you remembered to track your steps from yesterday if you are participating in the step challenge 2.0?Just to clarify - You can count steps from the evening at home as well from Monday to Friday! It is suggested that you fill in the chart each morning and then reset your pedometer to start the day.


ALL grade 7’s who are attending the blue mountain trip tomorrow should come to the foyer at first break for some important announcements.


There is a junior boys’ soccer practice today at 1st break on the soccer field.


Mlle Conway would like to meet with Athletic Council today at 1st half of 2nd break in the gym.


Some Junior track & field participants have not yet handed in their permission form for the meet next week. Please do so right away.


Senior Track and field team must meet Ms Kennedy at the second half of second break in the gym for a VERY important meeting.


There is a Junior Ball Throw practice on the soccer field at FIRST break.  Meet Mrs. Nicholson at the end of the recess. We will practice during the eating portion of the break.  That’s Junior Ball Throw, 2nd half of first break.


Long Jump and Triple Jump practice will take place first half of Second Nutrition break for both Junior and Senior jumpers.  See you first half of Second break at the Long jump pit!


Orchard Park remember to be respectful to yourself and others.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!