ORCHARD PARK - Tuesday June 5, 2018

posted 5 Jun 2018, 06:48 by Sherri Livingstone

There is a really important Grade 8 Ottawa Trip meeting in the gym at the beginning of second break. Everyone that is going on the trip MUST be there!

What a fantastic day at the track yesterday! Ms Kennedy, Ms Conway and Mrs Wigle were so proud of all our athletes on and off the track. There was incredible sportsmanship, endurance and athleticism demonstrated from all of you. OPP you should be extremely proud. Once the official results are in they will be posted outside of Ms Conway’s office.


Attention Concert Band! We will meet today at 1st break. Please bring your music with you and your lunch to eat.


There is a Junior Ball Throw practice this morning at first break.  Meet Mrs. Nicholson on the soccer field at the end of 1st recess. There will also be a junior sprint track practice at second part of 1st recess today.  Meet Mrs Youngblut on the blacktop at the second half of first recess for 75m, 100m, & 200m practice.


There is a junior boys’ soccer practice today at 1st break on the soccer field. If you are interested in playing at the tournament next week make sure you’re at this practice!


Senior Girls’ soccer team should pick up tournament information today from Mlle Conway. It is on pink paper in the red hanging folder by her office.


Junior girls’ will have a practice tomorrow at 1st break. Remember - if you’re in grade 4 and would like to try out you need a permission form signed by tomorrow morning.


There is also a junior sprint track practice at the second part of first break today. Meet Mrs. Youngblut on the blacktop for 75, 100 , 200m track practice.



Summer birthday book club greetings go out to the following grade 6, 7 & 8 students whose birthdays fall over the summer: Drew and Nolan in Mrs Lewis’ class, Ali M in Mr Plant’s class, and Mohamed M in Ms Lee’s class will all be donating a birthday book to our library.  Thank you from your friends at Orchard Park for your generous donation!

Orchard Park remember to be respectful to yourself and others.

Have a

Terrific Tuesday!