ORCHARD PARK - Thursday September 20, 2018

posted 20 Sep 2018, 06:59 by Sherri Livingstone

Tomorrow is the last day to order pizza for Term 1. If your parents haven’t already done so, please remind them to go online to order pizza for you! Pizza will start on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving! No late orders will be accepted -- don’t miss out!!


For our first round of intramurals, grade 7 & 8 students are invited to play ultimate frisbee today at first break.. Meet Mlle Conway up on the soccer field at the bell!


The final team for the senior girls volleyball team has now been posted. Thank you to all students that came out. It was a difficult decision to make. For those girls that did make the team please see Ms Kennedy at the end of the day for a permission form. Our next practice is Monday 8 am.


Attention all students grade 3 - 8. Are you interested in a new leadership opportunity? The wellness committee needs you!! Mme. Hunt is looking for student wellness representatives to help lead amazing wellness initiatives around the school. There will be a meeting next Tuesday, September 25 in the library at first break. All who are interested should attend for more info.


Orchard Park will hold Orange Shirt day on September 28th, to recognize the indigenous children who were taken from their families to go to residential school.


Phyllis Jack Webstad was one of the children taken from her home to go to residential school.

On her first day of school, six year old Phyllis wore an orange shirt. When she arrived they stripped her and took away her orange shirt, replacing it with a uniform. From then on she felt as if her feelings did not matter. How would you feel if that happened to you?

Every child matters for us at Orchard Park. On Friday September 28th, please remember to wear an orange shirt to support all indigenous children that were taken from their homes to residential school. Remember that every child matters and should be treated with respect.

There is no French Choir today.


Cross Country practice remember to sign in and begin your laps. Remember to pace yourself so you can run most of your route.