ORCHARD PARK - Thursday November 1, 2018

posted 1 Nov 2018, 06:33 by Sherri Livingstone

The Strategy Board Games Club will meet today in Rm. 221. If you didn’t sign up last time, please come on out. You can bring your lunch and hang out throughout the break.


The Writing Club: Free writing time first nutrition break (10:55) in room 214. Bring your writing materials.


November Panther Popcorn kicks off today.  

1.   Teachers please see the NEW BLUE Popcorn Order Summary sheet for NOVEMBER is removed from the popcorn bag and put up somewhere visible in your classroom so you can refer to it each week of November when distributing popcorn.  Note: The October summary sheet can be discarded.


   2) Kernels has now packaged the BUTTER & SALT flavour (formerly in a yellow bag) in a light blue Autism Awareness bag.  Please make note of this to ensure the BLUE SALT & VINEGAR flavour is not confused with the light BLUE BUTTER & SALT flavour during distribution.  The flavours are written on each bag, however it's worth mentioning to those who are responsible for the distribution of the popcorn in your classes.


   3)   As always, please have a classroom representative pick up the popcorn at 11:15 during the first nutrition break and then ensure the popcorn bag is returned to the front foyer ASAP so we can re-fill it for next week.

Wellness Committee:  Could all available wellness committee members please meet Mme. Hunt in the library today at 2nd break. Bring your lunch as the meeting may last longer.


Healthy Snack Bins: Could all homerooms please send down your healthy snack bins by tomorrow at first break - they will be sent down at 2nd break.


Today is French choir! Don’t forget to come at second break to Mme MacNeil’s room. We will continue to practise our song for the Remembrance Day assembly!


There will be a remembrance day choir rehearsal today at 2nd break.