ORCHARD PARK - Thursday May 3, 2018

posted 3 May 2018, 10:19 by Sherri Livingstone

We will play both last week’s and this week’s floor hockey intramurals today at first break. 1st half will be Leafs against Canadiens, and second game will be Jets against Canadiens. Please come down right at the bell so we can get started as quickly as possible.


Thanks again for an amazing track & field day yesterday. We were so impressed at the level of effort, competition and sportsmanship demonstrated throughout the day. Grades 3,4 and 5 students, you have a lot to be proud of! The list of invited students to relay and track day will be posted next week near the gym change rooms.

Read & Relax will take place at first break for  grades 1-5 and second break for grades 6-8.

Senior Battle of the Books will meet at second break today.

Birthday Book Club Greetings go to Emma M  in Mme Malti’s class and Daniella B in Mrs Kennedy’s class, who are celebrating their birthdays today by donating a book to our library.  Thank you from your friends at Orchard Park for your generous donation!


Orchard Park remember to include others in your activities!


Have a Thoughtful Thursday.