ORCHARD PARK - Thursday May 10, 2018

posted 10 May 2018, 06:40 by Sherri Livingstone

Here is today’s mental health announcement: What does it mean to have an attitude of gratitude?  Focusing on the positive things in our life and being thankful. A positive outlook can help us overcome difficult situations and help us learn. Positive self-talk and kindness to others are great ways to boost your well-being!

Fantastic day on the track yesterday! Everyone gave it their all and there were many moments of wonderful sportsmanship. The senior track and field team will be posted outside the gym tomorrow. There also will be a sign up sheet for the open 1500m for any students that are interested. If there are more than 2 names we will have a try-out next week. Please remember to pick up a form outside Ms Conway’s office. A big thank you to all the teachers that helped make things run so smoothly. Another  big thank you to the grade 5 students. You guys were amazing!!!!

A reminder for members of French choir!

Please meet Mme MacNeil in room 216 today at FIRST BREAK for an extra French choir practice!


Today’s floor hockey game at 1st break is Leafs vs Senators. This is the last game before the championship.

There will be a short meeting for all the boys and girls senior soccer team members at 2nd half of 1st break today in the gym


Orchard Park remember to include others in your activities!


Have a Thoughtful Thursday.