ORCHARD PARK - Thursday March 8, 2018

posted 8 Mar 2018, 06:28 by Sherri Livingstone

Tomorrow is Jump Rope for Heart Day! Mme. Hunt is very pleased to announce that we are currently OVER HALF way towards our school goal of raising $5000. And that’s only for online donations! Cash donations will be counted next week and we’ll find out what we raised collectively when we are back from March Break. All cash donations are due tomorrow morning, please don’t forget!! And remember - If your class raises the most amount of donations in your grade division - you will get a Free Extra Recess Period!!!

Every class will get to participate in the Jump Rope event tomorrow for 20 minutes throughout the day - can’t wait to see everyone jumping and having fun! Be sure to wear your running shoes!

As promised, we will do our final draw for the online registrants for the last instant prize. Thank you so much to all those students who participated.

Read & Relax will take place as usual today - first break for  grades 1-5 and second break for grades 6-8. Senior battle of the books will not meet today due to the ski trip.

Glee Club members - reminder that there is no Glee club rehearsal today due to the ski trip.  Have a great March Break!

Orchard Park remember to include others in your activities!


Have a Thoughtful Thursday.