ORCHARD PARK - Thursday March 1, 2018

posted 1 Mar 2018, 06:34 by Sherri Livingstone

Tonight is the night we’ve been waiting for!  Orchard Park’s first Family Wellness night begins at 6pm tonight.  We have activities for the whole family and will be joined by Team Canada Olympian Sarah Wells to share her story of overcoming her hurdles to accomplish her dreams. Looking forward to seeing lots of Orchard Park students and parents out for a great evening tonight.

A now for a VERY important Jump Rope for Heart announcement. Listen attentively! Mrs. Markham has agreed to a new fundraising challenge to encourage YOU to keep supporting our goal of raising $5000 as a school towards the Heart and Stroke Foundation to support kids all over Canada with heart and brain diseases. We are challenging all homerooms to raise the most amount of money in your grade division. The homeroom with the most amount of donations made in each division wins a FREE EXTRA RECESS with your choice of activity with Mrs. Markham after March Break!! That’s great news for students AND teachers! So get on board, this fundraising challenge is ON and STRONG!

AND Mrs. Hunt is SO pleased to see that almost every day more and more students are registering online to Jump Rope for Heart. Remember it’s not too late if you haven’t asked your parents already! This is the last weekend you have as all donations are due next Friday when we celebrate our hard work in the Jump Rope event.


Read & Relax will take place at first break for  grades 1-5 and second break for grades 6-8.

Senior Battle of the Books will meet at second break today.

A BIG thank-you to all of the Spirit Club and Wellness Committee students who helped make the Orchard Park Olympics a great success! Ms. McKechnie, Mme Hunt and Ms. Lestition are very proud the leadership skills and hard work you displayed! We could not have run all of the fun activities without you! Thanks again!

Orchard Park remember to include others in your activities!


Have a Thoughtful Thursday.