ORCHARD PARK - Thursday June 28, 2018

posted 28 Jun 2018, 06:35 by Sherri Livingstone

Attention all  members of the Senior Girls Basketball team. There will be a small team party in Mme. Lee’s room today at second break to celebrate the awesome season you’ve had.


Today is the last day for Walk Across Canada. We have gone from Thunder Bay to Wawa, had lunch with the Burmaster’s relatives in Sault Ste Marie, headed off to Sudbury and went into the nickel mines, before stopping in the Nation’s capital of Ottawa! We still have a long way to go if we are to make our goal across Canada, so if teacher’s still haven’t submitted their mileage please do so by the end of the day!  In the lead for the Walk Across Canada plaque are:Mrs Sharma, Madame Adams, and Madame Saig. Keep going OPP! We can do this!!

Thanks to all who have returned library books - we're almost there!! Congratulations to the winners of the freezie parties - Mrs. Nicholson's class for primary and Mrs. McLean for Junior and Mme Lee for intermediate. Your teacher can speak to Mrs. Youngblut about the time for your freezies. Thanks to everyone who got all of your books in on time!

Birthday Book Club Greetings go out to Jackson in Mrs Hayes’ class and Brandon in Mrs Lewis’ class, who are celebrating their birthdays today! They have both chosen new books to donate to the library in honour of their birthdays. Thank you from your friends at Orchard Park for your generous donation!


Orchard Park remember to include others in your activities!


Have a Thoughtful Thursday.