ORCHARD PARK - Thursday June 14, 2018

posted 14 Jun 2018, 06:33 by Sherri Livingstone

Well  Orchard Park we finally have some mileage behind us and we are on our way to make it across Canada. This year we have started on the west coast on Vancouver Island in the the city of Victoria. The inner harbour of Victoria is surrounded  by the famous Empress Hotel, the BC provincial Legislative Building, and the Royal British Columbia museum. Victoria is also known as the garden city. We have travelled from Victoria to Nanaimo, took the ferry across to Hope BC, through Revelstoke (stopped to do some skiing), made a pitstop in Lake Louise to take a look at the beautiful turquoise glacier lake, and then took a rest in Calgary Alberta. Keep going OPP we can make it across the country if we just give it our best shot! Teachers don’t forget submit your mileage!

Teacher supervisors today are: Madame Bourgeois

Student Helpers are: Angela, Grace, Sofia, Eleeza

Yoga club is cancelled today. Please join us next Thursday for our end of the year yoga celebration!

Birthday Book Club Greetings go out to Vanassa  in KF-3, who is celebrating her birthday today!.

Summer Birthday Book Club Greetings to the following kindergarten students who will turn a year older over the summer:  Defne in KF-1, Kaj M and Connor K in KF-2, and Nolan and Sydney in KF-3.All of these students are choosing a book to donate to our library in honour of their birthday.  Thank you from your friends at Orchard Park for your generous donation!


Orchard Park remember to include others in your activities!


Have a Thoughtful Thursday.