ORCHARD PARK - Thursday February 22, 2018

posted 22 Feb 2018, 06:32 by Sherri Livingstone

In just one week Orchard Park will be hosting our first ever Family Wellness night! Team Canada Olympian Sarah Wells will be coming to meet us and we have a lot of fun activities for families to do together. Have you brought your registration in yet? Make sure you get it in by tomorrow to get registered for your wellness night workshops!

Thanks to everyone who has sent in photos for the slideshow in the foyer, we love to see all the fantastic activities you do outside of school!

Read & Relax will take place at first break for  grades 1-5 and second break for grades 6-8.

Senior Battle of the Books will meet at second break today.

Last call for any grade 8 grad photo orders. Please bring them to the office immediately following the announcements.

A reminder to all wellness ambassadors to please meet Mme. Hunt in the office conference room at first break.

There will be an Open Library during period one today for all students who were not able to get into the library with the switch days this week. That's today, period one, Open Library.

Ms McKechnie and Ms. Lestition would like to meet with the following Spirit Committee students at first break today. We will meet outside the library:

Zainab, Neha, Eleeza, Edyn, Rawan, Davin, Ashley and Emel.

Members of the yearbook committee will be meeting during second break today.


Orchard Park remember to include others in your activities!


Have a Thoughtful Thursday.