ORCHARD PARK - Monday September 10, 2018

posted 10 Sep 2018, 06:52 by Sherri Livingstone

Any Grade 7s & 8s interested in joining the calligraphy club, please meet Mme. Lee in RM 113 for a brief meeting at the beginning of second break!

Take 4 simple steps to demonstrate respect for the environment OPP

  1. Pack a Litterless Lunch

  2. Turn off the lights/electronics when you can

  3. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle

  4. Use a reusable water bottle



All students with cross country forms please turn them into Mrs. McKechnie today (room 210).  Cross Country Practice will be held in the gym this morning first half of first break.

Any Grade 7 and 8 students interested in joining Glee club, please come to Mrs.Lewis’ room (room 118) first half of first break today.

Flag Football tryouts will take place Tuesday and Friday during first break.  Meet Mrs. Lewis and Mr. Hummel on the soccer field.

Senior Boys  Volleyball try-outs begin tomorrow at 8 am. If you are interested in trying out you must have your participation form into Ms Conway asap! Sr Girls Volleyball begins Wednesday. Please have forms into Ms Kennedy before then.  

The first athletic council meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday at 2nd half of 2nd break in the gym. All grade 7s & 8s are invited!

Recess Reminders:

-soccer should never be played on the black top

-4 on 4 maximum team size at each basketball hoop

-The office will announce blacktop recess as needed BUT teachers on duty can call a blacktop recess anytime that it is very muddy

Black Top Recess:

-no wall ball

-basketball and 4 square games ONLY