ORCHARD PARK - Monday November 26, 2018

posted 26 Nov 2018, 06:48 by Sherri Livingstone

Loose items/liquid on floor/walking surface are creating slip hazards in our school    Boots, knapsacks, and jackets must go into lockers or classrooms. Nothing should be left on the floor in the hallway.


SOCIAL CHANGEMAKERS: Meeting 1st break in the library


Any wellness students needing supervision to work on wellness project can come to Mme Hunt’s office at 2nd break today.


Mary Poppins scene rehearsal with Mme Hunt and Ms. Lestition are this week: Scene 3 and 4 practice Tuesday at 2nd break in music room.


We are keeping the LOST and FOUND out for one more day.  Teachers please find time today to bring your class down to look for lost items.  There are MANY sweatshirts, hats, and gym clothes.


Birthday book club greetings go out to Sonam P in Mrs Nicholson’s class and Natalie N in Mrs. Sharma’s class , who celebrated birthdays over the weekend and to Avery D in Mrs McLean’s class, whose birthday is today.  These students will be celebrating their birthdays at school by choosing a book to donate to our library.  Thank you from your friends at Orchard Park for your generous donations!


Cooper, Ben H, and Owen K are reminded to return their volleyball jerseys to Mlle Conway as soon as possible.


Today’s intramurals is skittles for grades 1 & 2. The teams playing are Bears and Lions. Teacher supervisor is Mrs Kennedy and student leaders are Shali, Mireille and Delaney. Please come down at 1st break to play.


Gr 7 and 8 students interested in playing badminton please meet Mme Bourgeois Wednesday at 1:15 (beginning of second Break) in the gym.


Wellness committee - due to scheduling conflicts with other programs, our meeting this week will be on Tuesday at first break, in the library. Any grade 3/4 students in intramurals are not expected to be at the meeting. All other available members are asked to join and any members unable to attend are asked to see Mme Hunt on their own time.


ECO CLUB during 2nd NB


Empty healthy snack bins have been filled and are at front foyer. Any other empty bins should be brought down by Friday to be filled this Friday at first break