ORCHARD PARK - Friday November 2, 2018

posted 2 Nov 2018, 06:32 by Sherri Livingstone

Members of the Glee Club are reminded to memorize lyrics for our song.  Don’t forget rehearsal on Monday morning!


There will be an Athletic Council meeting on Tuesday at 1st break. Please meet Mlle Conway in the gym.


Concert Band has a rehearsal today at 1st break. Everyone must be in attendance. We have a lot of music to get through.


Healthy Snack Bins: Please send down your healthy snack bin to the front foyer this morning following Oh Canada and no later than first break. They will be filled during recess at first break. They will be ready to be picked up after the break.

Wellness Committee: If you signed up for November healthy snack bins, please meet in the conference room at first recess to fill the bins.

WE SCARE HUNGER: Teachers -  please remember to use the food items to have your class build a tower, make a word or whatever your students’ creative minds come up with! Take a picture and send to Mme Avsec next week. Winners will be announced by the end of next week. Thanks!


Relaxation Session: ALL students are welcome and encouraged to attend the relaxation session today at first break in the gym with Ms. Sharma.  Come for relaxation, deep breathing and a chance to zone in and focus on you.


A wellness thought: Feeling stressed out? Feeling down? Maybe you’re sad for a reason or maybe you’re just feeling down and not really sure why? Take a walk by the Wellness Board. Take a moment and read a couple of the quotes on the wall.  Which one relates to you in that moment? Think about the message. Think about how it changes your feeling in that moment.  Use the quote throughout the day to keep you going.

Happy Friday OP!


Calligraphy Club/Read & Relax (Grade 6-8) in the library at second break.