ORCHARD PARK - Friday June 8, 2018

posted 8 Jun 2018, 06:34 by Sherri Livingstone

Walk across Canada will be at first break today. Would the following student helpers please remember to pick up the popsicle sticks from Ms Kennedy’s room to take out to the track. Please remember to return them after break. You are to give each student a popsicle stick as they do a lap. At the end of the break you collect the popsicle sticks and write the number of laps they have completed on their hands. Students are then asked to give their number of laps to their teachers to record on their class list. Remember the number on your hand is the number of laps not kilometers. Every 2 laps is 1 km. The teacher supervisor is:

The student helpers are:



There is a junior boys’ soccer practice today at first break. Please bring your permission forms for the tournament if you have them with you today.

WOW WOW WOW! The Panthers did amazingly well at Track & Field yesterday. Altogether we won more than 50 ribbons! We are so proud all of you. You demonstrated perseverance, determination and excellent sportsmanship. It was awesome to see the encouragement you showed for all athletes.

OP, you may have noticed a new pledge sheet outside the main floor washrooms. The pledge is open to any student who would like to challenge themselves to keep their daily screen time down to 2 hours or less. This activity will count towards a school wide challenge we are currently participating in. We are asking that ONLY students who wish to participate in the pledge sign their name on the paper. No other comments are welcomed.

The senior boys and girls’ soccer teams have practice Monday at 8:15am in preparation for their final league games and tournaments next week!

Orchard Park remember to always be kind to yourself and others!

Have a Fantastic Friday.