ORCHARD PARK - Friday June 15, 2018

posted 15 Jun 2018, 06:28 by Sherri Livingstone

Attention Upcycle Artists!  Please come and retrieve your work from Mrs. Warford’s ESL room today or Friday.  The room is right next to the lost and found cupboard. Thank you!

This morning, for the first two periods, we will be having our very first French Panther Pack Day! We will be playing fun games and practising our French skills while we’re at it! You don’t have to be an expert but try your best and participate in the fun! Teachers, please send your class to their panther packs as soon as attendance is completed. Nous sommes fiers d’etre les pantheres!

Walk Across Canada continues today. Please take a look at the map outside the gym to see your classes progress, as well as the progress across Canada. Teachers please submit mileage. Students from Ms Kennedy’s class will be coming around today to record your mileage, but you can also do it on the shared document.

Teacher supervisor today is: Madame Martin

Student helpers are: Ozair, Ahmad, Taya and Cidra

Orchard Park remember to always be kind to yourself and others!

Have a Fantastic Friday.