ORCHARD PARK -- Friday October 12, 2018

posted 12 Oct 2018, 07:18 by Sherri Livingstone

There will be a concert band rehearsal today at 1st break. Please arrive quickly and get ready to play. Make sure you have your music.


RELAXATION session in the gym during first half of first nutrition break. See you at 10:55  in the gym. Bring a yoga mat and/or a blanket with you.


Calligraphy Club will meet today at second break in the library!


Thank you all for participating in Bike/Walk to school week. Each one of you made a difference!

Green Panthers, who missed the Flower Ball  activity on Wednesday this week are welcome to join in Rm 219 today to do it.  Please come by to Rm 219 during first half of 2nd Nutrition Break.


Mme Bourgeois would like to meet all Volleyball scorekeepers in the front foyer at the beginning of First Nutrition Break


We have received A  LOT of different black top plans from many classes.  Do you have any ideas to have painted on our new BLACKTOP?  Please see your teacher for the submission form (in email and in teacher’s mailboxes).  This is YOUR BLACKTOP students - let us know what you would like to have painted for our recess and outdoor learning FUN.


Mlle Conway is looking to fill one spot on the senior boys’ volleyball team due to a player’s injury. There will be an open tryout for any grade 7 or 8 Boys interested in joining the team on Monday at 2nd break. Remember that you have to have handed in a tryout form to participate so make sure that’s done before Monday at 2nd break.


There is a meeting today 1st half of 2nd nutrition break in Portable 1 (Mme Avsec’s portable) for grade 7 and 8 students who are part of the “ME to We” social changemakers group.


Birthday Book Club Greetings go out to Sebastian and Jude F in Mrs Arnold’s class, who are celebrating their birthdays today by donating a book to our library.  Thank you from your friends at Orchard Park for your generous donation!