ORCHARD PARK - Friday May 25, 2018

posted 25 May 2018, 07:07 by Donna Cowperthwaite   [ updated 25 May 2018, 08:25 by Sherri Livingstone ]

Don’t forget that our active transportation and bike to school week begins this Monday, May 28. Have you thought about how you will choose active transportation to get to school next week? When we consider ALL of the benefits of walking to school, it is much safer for our health for us to walk, bike or roll than it is to take a car.

If you signed up to participate in the step challenge and need to borrow a pedometer, please go to Mme. Hunt’s office outside the gym at the beginning of first break today. Quantities are limited so first come first serve!

There is an EXTREMELY important senior track and field meeting at the beginning of first break today in the gym. ALL students that are planning on attending the track meet on Monday MUST attend. Please bring any outstanding permission forms.

There will be a senior relay practice right after the meeting. Please meet up at the soccer field right after the meeting. This is our last practice before the meet.

Junior boys’ soccer practice at 1st break today on the soccer field. 

Junior relay practice today at 2nd half of 2nd break at the soccer field. 

Just a reminder to students who are fasting and choosing to go to the French room during second half of breaks:  -please make sure you have signed up in Mrs. Warford’s ESL room;  -please come prepared with a quiet activity for yourself or a group of friends;  -please commit to attending for all breaks, so teachers on duty know the whereabouts of students.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Mrs. Warford for clarification.
There will be a Long Jump/Triple Jump practise for all Junior and Senior members of the track team at first half of Second break. Please meet Mme Bourgeois at the long jump pit. 

Great start to the soccer season, Panthers.  Congratulations to the boys on a big 5-0 win and to the girls on a hard fought battle with a short bench!  Both teams showed great sportsmanship and perseverance, even in the hot, hot sun!
Orchard Park remember to always be kind to yourself and others!
Have a Fantastic Friday.