Monday January 15, 2018

posted 12 Jan 2018, 06:30 by Sherri Livingstone   [ updated 16 Jan 2018, 07:50 ]

Attention Experienced Gr. 4- 6 Knitters!  Loom knitting will be taking place today at 2nd break in room 219.  Again, today at 1:15 pm all gr. 4, 5 and 6 loom knitters who know how to knit, meet Mme. Adams in room 219.  Please remember to bring your loom and hook.

Beginning tomorrow, grades 3 to 8 students will be welcome to enjoy the Forest of Reading Club books in the library at first break. Students will have the opportunity to read or sign out silver birch or red maple nominated books at first break every Tuesday. There are some fantastic books nominated this year - come check them out so you can vote for your favourite!

There is a badminton practice today at first break.

There is a junior boys’ volleyball practice tomorrow at 8am. Please bring your forms and deposit cheque if you haven’t already done so!!

Birthday Book Club Greetings go to Ryan in Mrs Blanchard’s class and Georgina in Mrs Sharma’s class who are celebrating their birthdays by donating a book to our library!

Thank you from your friends at Orchard Park for your generous donation.

Orchard Park remember to be respectful to yourself and others.

Have a Magical Monday!