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School Council Roles And Responsibilities

Council Roles and Responsibilities 

The composition of the council will be consistent with the Education Act and Regulations.
Members of the council will include representatives from each of the following five (5) categories:
1. Parent/Guardian
There shall be up to twenty (20) parent/guardian representatives who will be elected according to
the inclusions in the Elections Section. The number of parent/guardian members specified shall
ensure that parent/guardian members constitute a majority of the total members.
A person is qualified to be a parent/guardian member of the school council if he or she is a
parent/guardian of a student enrolled in the school.
HDSB employees are eligible to run as parent/guardian representatives if they are
parent/guardian(s) of a student enrolled in the school, provided they do not work at the school.
Employees must disclose their employment with HDSB on their nomination form prior to the
Four (4) executives shall be elected from the successful parent incumbents to the new council
during the election held at the beginning of the school year.
One (1) Chair
One (1) Vice-Chair (or two (2) co-chairs for the chair and vice positions)
One (1) Secretary
One (1) Treasurer

Council shall have one (1) chair and one (1) vice chair or two (2) co-chairs. A chair or co-chair(s)
must be a parent/guardian member of council and shall be elected by the voting members of
council. The vice-chair is to be elected by the voting members only if a chair is in place.
Should there be more than one nomination; nominees shall be allowed to make a short (1-2
minute presentation) regarding their candidacy for the position. The executive election will be by
ballot voting only.

Council may establish committees, for specific or general purposes, as it deems appropriate to
achieve its mandate and to make recommendations to council. The committees may include but
not be limited to:
. Fundraising . Communication
. Special School/community Events
. School Ceremonies . Volunteer Training and Recruitment

Community Outreach/Parent Engagement
A committee may only act in accordance with the authority provided to them by the council.

Roles and Responsibilities of Members

To attend executive and school council meetings
To act as a liaison between the school administration and school council
To prepare agendas for council meetings in consultation with the Principal
To oversee the general activities of the school council
In cooperation with council members, set the monthly meeting dates for the year
To facilitate resolution of conflicts within the school council
Responsible for distributing agenda forms, and adding to the agenda if deemed necessary.
Responsible for presenting information/reports on behalf of the members who are not able
to attend a meeting.

Co-Vice Chairs
To attend executive and school council meetings.
To work closely with the Chair.
To chair meetings in the absence of the Chair.
To take minutes in the absence of the secretary.

To attend, record and distribute minutes of all school council meetings.
To ensure that the school community is notified of council meeting dates.
To be responsible for receiving, sharing and responding to correspondence under the
 direction of the Chair.
To maintain the minute book and constitution, and bring both to every meeting.
Update the office copy of the minute book.

To attend all school council meetings.
Responsible for distributing and collecting expense requisition forms (7.B), and presenting
 them to the council.
To maintain financial records.
To receive and distribute school council funds.
To present monthly financial statements at council meetings and on the web.
To work closely with any accountants appointed by the school council to verify and audit
 annual financial statements.
To prepare in consultation with a school council approved accountant if necessary, yearend
 financial statements as required by the Halton District School Board and/or the Ontario
 Ministry of Education.