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Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather print

Parents reminded to check for transportation cancellations and school closure information
Announcements on radio, television, Halton District School Board website and switchboard are supplemented by new Home Notification System

With winter weather approaching, the Halton District School Board reminds parents/guardians of the numerous ways to check for school bus transportation cancellations and school closures.  

In addition to the traditional notification methods of radio, television stations listed below, the Halton District School Board has added the use of the Home Notification System to inform parents/guardians of transportation cancellations and school closures.  The Home Notification System is an automated system that telephones and/or emails parents to inform them of cancellations and closures.

Due to the volume of calls being made, the Home Notification System could be delayed and we therefore strongly recommend parents also check radio or television stations, the Board website or switchboard.  The Home Notification System is a supplementary method of notification.  

Parents may check with their child’s school to ensure they receive messages through the Home Notification System. Newly registered families will automatically be included in this notification system based on information provided at registration.  

The Halton District School Board’s primary method of informing parents of school closures will be the following methods of communication:
(Note: The decision to cancel transportation and/or close schools before the start of a school day will be made prior to 6:00 a.m., and radio/television stations
will be informed by 6:30 a.m.).

AM Radio:
CHFI  (680 AM)
CFRB  (1010 AM) 
CHWO  (740 AM)
CKOC  (1150 AM)
CHML  (900 AM)  
CJOY  (1460 AM)
FM Radio:  
WAVE  (94.7 FM)
CKFM  (99.9 FM) 
CING  (95.3 FM)
KLITE  (102.9 FM)
CHFI  (98.1 FM)
CIMJ  (106.1 FM)
CBC  (99.1 FM)
Y108  (107.9 FM)  
TV Stations:
CHTV Morning Show
For more information about school bus transportation cancellations and school closures, refer to the Halton District School Board website (search for “inclement weather” information under “Policies”).

Inclement Weather Procedures

The Halton District School Board, recognizing its responsibility for the safety and welfare of its students and employees, has established a set of Inclement Weather Procedures that will be used throughout our system in the event of dangerous weather conditions.

Please read this information very carefully.

A. Bus Cancellation/School Closure, Prior to the Start of a School Day

The decision to cancel buses and/or close schools before the start of a school day will be made by 6:00 a.m. and the following radio stations informed by 6:30 a.m.
CHFI 98.1; CHML 900; CFRB 1010; CKOC 1150; CHWO 740; CJOY 1460; KLite 102.9 (FM); Y108 107.9 (FM); CBC 99.1 (FM); WAVE 94.7 (FM); CING 95.3 (FM)
Television Stations- CHTV Morning Show

When transportation is cancelled prior to school opening, it is cancelled for the day. Busses will not run in the afternoon.  Schools will remain open when transportation is cancelled.

Parents have a major responsibility for the safety and welfare of their children.  Parents of younger children may decide to keep their children at home if they are concerned about the weather conditions.
B.  Schools are Open but Buses are Cancelled

You may hear on the radio that schools are open but buses are cancelled. When this happens, school buses are cancelled for the whole day. You will be responsible for picking your child up from school at the end of the day.

C.  School is Closing During the Day

The decision to close schools during the day is made by the Director of Education or designate. Such a decision must be made before 11:00 a.m. and broadcast by 12:00 noon.

Students in  Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5:
Parents will be called when the school is closed.  For those children that are bused, if contact is not made before buses leave, students will remain at the school until you have made other arrangements. Children with a sibling in Grade 6-8 will be allowed to go home with him/her provided you have given us prior authorization. Only in this circumstance, do not expect a call.

Students in Grades 6 to 8:
Students in Grades 6 to 8 may walk home or take the bus as normal WITH PARENTAL PERMISSION.  The student will also be allowed to take a younger sibling provided you have given us prior authorization.  Please understand that if you have given permission for your child to be dismissed "as normal" during an inclement weather closure, you will NOT receive a phone call when they are dismissed.  If your child may not go home alone, we will keep them at school and you will be contacted.

If snow conditions prevent buses from being dispatched, students will not be dismissed until an approved adult comes to pick them up. The Principal or designate, with appropriate staff assistance, will remain at school and the school will be kept open until all children have been picked up. Make sure that the staff member in charge is aware and has indicated on our list that your child(ren) has been picked up before you leave.  This is important in case we later need to know where a specific child has gone.

Please, always inform the office of any changes to your home, cell or work phone numbers and emergency contact information so that we are able to contact you.