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  • ORCHARD PARK - Wednesday November 21, 2018

    Bully Prevention quote of the day: “Show respect to people who may not even deserve it; not as a reflection of their character, but as a reflection of your own.”


    Mr. Vize would like to meet all Scene 1-3 Actors at 1st break today. Bring your scripts with you. We are rehearsing all the music in these three scenes.


    Intramurals today - grade ⅚ dodgeball at first break- teams are Vipers vs Dragons - supervisor is Mr Hummel and student leaders are Tig, Koen, Stefan and Ethan

    Mr. Simmons has asked that NO recycling be brought to his office today - this includes garbage and cardboard. Please leave all items in your classroom for today. Thank you!

    Scene 1 - 4 actors are to meet with Ms. Hunt and Ms. Lestition in the music room tomorrow at 2nd break for blocking.


    Friday, November 23rd, is Buy Nothing Day. Our school is participating in a textile waste reduction challenge this year called Fashion Impacts Challenge. We have chosen this day to ‘kick start’ our campaign. In this challenge we will learn the 7R's of Fashion. (Fashion Takes Action's guide to making better consumer choices.) November's 'R' is REDUCE: buy less and buy only what we need.


    Writing club will meet today at second nutrition break in room 214. Bring your writing materials and a computer.


    Bloopers Reels meet today at 2nd Break in Mr. Dinner’s room. Bring your lunch.

    Posted by Sherri Livingstone
  • ORCHARD PARK - Tuesday November 20, 2018

    Bully Prevention quote of the day: Be yourself. Because the people who matter don’t mind. And the people who mind don’t matter. - Dr. Seuss


    Today is Pizza Day -- could we please ask homerooms to have only the Pizza Monitor come to the foyer to collect the pizza for their class and then distribute according to the class list. Thank you.


    Actors in scenes 1-3 please meet Mme Hunt and Ms. Lestition in the MUSIC room  at second break today.


    There is an important Wellness committee meeting today in the conference room at first break. All members are asked to attend.

    IMPORTANT : SOCIAL CHANGEMAKERS meeting today, 1st half of 1st nutrition break in Mme Avsec’s portable. All members must attend.

    Intramurals today - grade ¾ skittles - teams are Sharks vs Dolphins - teacher supervisor is Mrs Hayes and student leaders are Sarah, Ashley and Emma M


    Members of the senior boys’ volleyball team are asked to return their jerseys to Mlle Conway as soon as possible


    A reminder that the library will be closed after first break for book fair set up. There will be no clubs or read and relax breaks in the Library this week. All classes will have a chance to visit the book fair tomorrow! 

    Posted 20 Nov 2018, 06:41 by Sherri Livingstone
  • ORCHARD PARK - Monday November 19, 2018

    Today is the first day of Bully Prevention and Awareness Week at OP.  We will be celebrating by participating in a school artwork gallery walk at 11:40.  Let’s celebrate each other’s uniqueness - we are all very special!  “Each of us deserves the freedom to pursue our own version of happiness. No one deserves to be bullied.” – Barack Obama


    Actors in the Prologue and Scene 1 are to meet Mrs. Lewis in the music room today at 1st break.


    Actors in scenes 1-3 please meet Mme Hunt and Ms Lestition  in the music room today at second break


    All ECO club members are to meet in the library at 2nd break. We will be sharing information about the waste audit that was completed last week.


    Intramurals begin today. Today’s game is Skittles for  grades 1 & 2. The Lions and the Tigers are invited down to play at first break. The game will be supervised by Mrs Kennedy and led by Delaney, Mireille and Shali. Teachers, please help our students find out which team they’re on and when to come down to play. Rosters and schedules were sent out last week!


    All cast members in the Prologue and Scene 1 are to meet Mrs. Lewis first break today in the music room.


    Social Changemakers group - Meet in the library 1st break.


    Attention all wellness committee members. We will not meet today. All members (grades 3 - 8) are asked to meet in the conference room at first break TOMORROW (Tuesday). ANY intermediate members are asked to attend.


    The Book Fair is coming!!!  Book fair will be set up tomorrow and opening Wednesday, so any J/I  students wishing to exchange books before Book Fair takes over the library are invited to come during periods 2 or 5 today


    The winner of the golden recycling bin is Ms. Avsec’s class for downstairs and Mme Martin for upstairs! They both had the least contaminated blue bins! Way to go! Keep recycling and go for gold!


    Birthday Book Club Greetings go out to Chelsea N in Ms Lestition’s class, who celebrated her birthday on the weekend, and to Anousha T in Mr Colderley’s class, whose birthday is today.  These students are celebrating their birthdays at school by donating a book to the school library.  Thank you from your friends at Orchard Park for your generous donations!

    Posted 19 Nov 2018, 06:35 by Sherri Livingstone
  • ORCHARD PARK - Friday November 16, 2018

    Please come for a relaxation session today at first break in the gym. All students are welcome and all students will benefit. Come and relax and be calm and feel better!


    Please bring any empty healthy snack bins down to the foyer. November wellness team members please come down at first break to refill the bins. They will be ready at the end of the break.


    We would like to meet the entire cast of Mary Poppins today at 2nd break in the music room. This will be a brief information meeting to discuss details of rehearsals, music, script etc. Please bring paper and a pencil with you. Your attendance is very important.


    Read and Relax (Gr. 6-8) & Calligraphy Club at second break in the library.


    Congratulations to the girls’ volleyball team who won their semi-final game last night. Panther Nation will be cheering you on in the finals. Players of the game were Sophia V and Eleeza.


    The senior boys’ volleyball team wrapped up a great season last night. You should be very proud of your improvement throughout the season. We will celebrate your accomplishments very soon, stay tuned for details.


    There will be a brief but important meeting for library helpers today at first break. Any library helpers who wish to help with Book Fair are asked to attend.


    Congratulations to the following students, whose names were randomly selected from all of the correct entries in the October HDSB e-wareness database contest - you have won a gift certificate to the Scholastic Book Fair: Stella G  (Mme  MacNeil’), Sohan B (Mr Colman), Ashley S (Mme Lee), Alton D(Mrs Kennedy), and Kyle R (Mrs Sharma).  Many thanks to all who entered!

    Have you heard?  The Book Fair is coming!  

    Next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the Scholastic Book Fair will return to the Orchard Park Library Learning Commons so you can check out many great new titles!  Books will be available to purchase for yourself or as gifts for others, and we encourage you to invite your families to check out the fair when they come in for your conference.

     Birthday Book club greetings go out to Hannah K in Ms Nicholson’s class and to Ivy K in Mrs Arnold’s class, who will be celebrating their birthdays today by donating a book to our library.  Thank you from your friends at Orchard Park for your generous donation!

     Wellness committee members: DO NOT FORGET about your presentations at the beginning of period 5 today immediately after attendance (unless otherwise changed). There is a chart outside Mme. Hunt’s office in case you have forgotten where to go.

     Relaxation Session today first half of first NB in the gym

     Our First snow… and we’re all excited!

    Please take the time to talk in your classes about a Culture of Creation, not Destruction.  Ruining others’ creations is not cool!  It’s not cool to be unkind!

    Let’s create lots of wonderful sculptures, forts and snow people!

    All snow must remain on the ground.  

     A reminder to teachers to display the ‘all about me’ artwork for Monday AM!

    Posted 16 Nov 2018, 06:50 by Sherri Livingstone
  • Announcements for Thursday, Nov. 15th

    Please come for a relaxation session tomorrow at first break in the gym. All students are welcome and all students will benefit. Our hope is that the gym is filled with students AND teachers by the end of the school year. Come and relax and be calm and feel better!

    Junior Battle of the Books (gr 3-5) will meet in the library at second break today.  New members welcome!

    French choir will now be held on Fridays at second break in order to allow students in grade 3 who are in French choir to participate in battle of the books, if they choose to do so. Remember tomorrow FRIDAY at second break is French choir! We will be learning a new song to perform for the holiday concert in December. Hope to see you tomorrow in Mme MacNeil’s room! New members welcome from any grade!!!

    The senior boys’ volleyball team will practise today at 1st break. Teachers, please dismiss the team at 3:15 today as we travel to River Oaks to play our semi final game.

    Writing Club will meet at first nutrition break in Room 214 for free writing. Bring your materials and a computer.

    Birthday book club greetings go out to Lily B in Mme Blechta’s class, who will be celebrating her birthday by donating a book to the library.  Thank you from your friends at Orchard Park for your generous donation!

    Please note that YOGA club will be on hold until the new year.  If you would like to attend the Meditation Group, some yoga will be happening then.  This is on Friday’s in the gym.

    Attention Wellness committee. Mme Hunt would like to meet VERY BRIEFLY at FIRST break TODAY to go over your presentation plan. We will be confirming where you are going and what you are going to say. If you need an extra/another copy of the script, she will have extra copies. Please come to her office beginning of FIRST break today.

    Strategy Board Games at first break in Mr. Dinner’s room

    Posted 15 Nov 2018, 07:36 by Donna Cowperthwaite
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